A Guide to Meal Planning 

Ever go to the grocery store without a list? Your house is in desperate need of food, so you are just gonna wing it, right? Then you get to the store and grab pretty much everything your family loves including all the junk food you can fit into one shopping cart. The cashier then tells you your total and you about wet your pants... in awe over how much you have spent on just food. Not to mention you have no idea of any meals you are going to make that doesn't include a side of chips. Am I right? 

I have been there time and time again and it is not a fun place to be especially when you are on a budget and hate wasting food.

You are in luck! I have created a book just for you that will help you master the art of meal planning, stay within your budget, plan for the next meal and stop wasting food. 

Calm the Fork Down & Pick One

Write a new meal or something your family loves on the front side of the fork. On the back, simply write where you can find the recipe.

In the picture, you can see that I chose to write down, Mahi Mahi from my book "Calm the Fork Down."

Choose whatever recipes you would like and don't be afraid to try something new.

Happy Forking!


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